About Us

        Tongxiang Zhanxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded on 1985, mainly produced hardware products, and was one of the first batch auto parts companies of Zhejiang province on 1989, main products were ball joint, brake disc, brake pad, brake shoe and so on. With the rapid development of domestic automobile industry, Zhanxiang company now mainly focus on producing brake pad & brake shoe. 
        Zhanxiang company have got many provincial and national awards from the foundation. The output of car brake pads & brake shoes has past 1.5 million sets on 2015. We have a complete system with developing, testing and producing. And we’ll uphold the fine tradition, with excellent product, excellent service, affordable prices, will present a brand new image, strength and ambition to the customers. Manufacture the most cost-effective products
        Zhanxiang company have passed ISO9001 certification on 1997, and passed TS16949 certification on 2010. In the new era, our target is to manufacture products not only with better better quality  but also with real real benefit price,  make the most cost-effective brake pads & brake shoes to satisfy different customers’ requirements. Zhanxiang company will maintain our customers’ good profits and safe driving of final consumers. We refuse to make inferior products, and will always keep the concept of Quality Made in China. 

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